3 Pots On White

Studio Rates

Our large selection of pottery ranges from £2.50 to £65

No studio fee!


£65 and under

Framed baby imprints, Large round platter, large square platter, large oval platter, cookie jar, dip dish, large wall platter, large pasta / salad bowl

£35 and under

Unframed baby imprints, teapots, Large dinner plate, square plate, pizza plate, large vase, wine cooler, salad bowl, mixing bowl, medium oval platter, large money banks, large dog bowl, triangle plate, large heart plate, large sushi plate, large dog bowl, water jugs, large plant pots, larger storage jars

£20 and under

Small and medium plates, medium square plate, larger mugs, pasta bowls, tea cup & saucer, medium vase, rectangle plates, soap dispenser, large heart box and various other shaped boxes, various shaped money banks, plant pots, large picture frames, smaller picture frames, small dog / cat bowl., salt and pepper set, medium heart plate, olive dish, jugs, butter dishes, storage jars, skulls

£14 and under

Small plates, standard mugs, espresso cups & saucers, cereal bowls and various other shaped bowls, small heart box, sugar pot, cream jug, larger Christmas decorations, animal figurines, plaques, soap dish, small picture frame, small plant pot, pen pots

£10 and under

Tealight holders, small bowls, small heart plate, small square plate, coupe plate, seasonal decorations, small animal figurines

£6.50 and under

Round or square tiles and coasters, egg cups, napkin rings, hanging decorations, smaller Christmas decorations, sauce dishes

All children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Booking highly reccommended

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